We are a local provider for many travel agencies in Europe and the Americas, and we plan sophisticated trips for individuals, thematic groups, and incentive schemes.

We specialize in sophisticated travel, as opposed to luxury travel, which does not exist in Cuba in its “flashy” sense. Rather, sophistication is based on the authenticity of an atmosphere, a place, the people you meet… but also on the trip’s rhythm, guaranteed by the itinerary. Whatever the theme —cultural, sports, professional—, we plan activities that tell a story: Cuba’s story.

It is the around-the-clock assistance from the tour guides, drivers, concierges, instructors, teachers, that best defines this way of discovering Cuba. Being present without imposing, accompanying the traveler through activities individually tailored for him or her, without ever losing sight of our main goal: discovery. The discovery of the places, but also, and above all, of the people. The traveler thus takes on the role of an ethnologist: he or she will be here to see and understand how Cuba and the Cubans work.




IN Cuba

As mediators between two cultures, our job is to introduce curious, thorough, discerning travelers to a one-of-a-kind country.

Of course, we know Cuba, its possibilities and limitations, but our experience has earned us the trust of the Cuban Government tourism authorities, as well as that of those responsible in the private sector. They know that we know how the country works, and this relationship allows us to plan our trips differently!



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Our collaborative philosophy, where each participant shares his or her expertise, experience, and skills on a collective work platform, affords us an incomparable ability to adapt both to new trends in the Cuban market and infrastructure and to Cuba’s social and legislative evolution. Our precision-based management system and a cutting-edge OpenSource technology are the center of this organizational platform.




Technology has its limits, especially in a little connected Cuba. GoogleMap, 3G and other information in real time are not so easy to use in Cuba. And this is good! Strengthen the contact between our team and clients. We manage to maintain contact, but in the real world, face to face ... On average, clients will have to exchange with a thirty of Cubans in charge of guaranteeing their trip, among assistants, owners, drivers, guides ..., a different way of doing, the made to order. There is not a single guide at all times, but many contacts, from different origins that, in addition to offering their services, necessarily give a personal point of view about their country. A great team, well coordinated, for close attention at all times. That is our luxury!





Advertising is almost inexistent in Cuban society. Instead, participation in mainly cultural projects allows us to be involved in social life and, at times, can help in developing touristic products.

The art of the Stage
Caraïbes Autrement also supports four music festivals and two dance projects. The main goal is to publicize little-known genres, in tune with contemporary society, and often quite far from touristy clichés. Brutal Fest – Havana World Music – ProElectronica – Human Voices – Habana en movimiento – Los Hijos del Director.


Caraïbes Autrement shares its knowledge of the country by editing Cubanía, a publication born from publishing partnerships for the exchange of documents, articles, and interviews with those taking part today in the evolution of Cuban society.
Caraïbes Autrement, through its Director, also contributes to the French magazine L'Amateur de Cigare.

In the area of sports, our company, in partnership with the Government, is responsible for the development of kitesurfing in Cuba, through the creation of schools such as HavanaKiteClub. We also support the development of XC cycling and the Jibaro Cycling Club




by Stéphane Ferrux

Sustainable Development, so fashionable these days, is not always where one would expect, at least for us, those who receive travelers.

When people argue for the normalization of countries, which should tend to what Western societies dim politically, socially, and environmentally correct, the countries we visit take it mostly as a sign of interference. What is good for the visitor is not necessarily good for the visited. What visitors see is not always what the visited can or wants to show them. This realization should provide the basis for a coherent policy of Sustainable Development in the area of travel.

Travelling is not for everyone. As a DMC, Caraïbes Autrement, makes it its mission to mediate between the visitor and the visited, to make sure each understands what the other one expects out of this exchange-based experience.

First, there were the invasion wars of Alexander the Great, Jules Cesar, Napoleon; then we had Spanish, French, and English colonialism… And today we have tourism! Moving toward the other, establishing contact whatever the pretext or manner, is the common thread in all these movements of people that are still bringing civilizations closer together, mixing them, constantly changing the face of the world. Travelling is not a trivial matter: it is, first and foremost, a clash of civilizations.

Respecting the society you visit, without judging, without wanting to impose your knowledge or expertise… “It sounds simple…

But how could you not ask for a fork to eat your pork with, when it is served to you with a spoon? Why would you absolutely want to go online or use a GPS, when the country is not equipped for it? How to make sense of the fact that salsa is not Cubans’ favorite dance? How could you not get upset when they get the proportions wrong for a mojito (in Cuba!), or when a Cuban throws a beer bottle out the car window? Why would you want to help build schools, hospitals, plant trees, or make donations, when, for the last 50 years, the Government has proudly defended a vanguard social policy?“

Speak after you see…”. You may think that the country is in poor condition, that there are “poor people”, that the cities are dirty, that healthcare and education are not what they used to be, that Cubans dance salsa because it is in their blood… but do not comment or argue. What we mean is that the traveler should form his or her opinion only through observation and as objectively as possible, trying to refrain from passing judgement.“

What the clients demand…”. The only way for a traveler to vindicate his or herself is by visiting a country as it is, adapting to the trip, experiencing the exchange, getting to know the country, enjoying the change of scenery from his or her own country. This brings into question those famous notions of “a la carte” or “tailor-made”. And it is not easy. Travelling is certainly not for everyone.“

To each his own”. Every day we create, we invest, we work to improve our assistance to travelers, to make them feel well, comfortable, free, to help them take full advantage of the change of scenery and the exoticism. However, we must at the same time defend the country, the values and customs of the visited civilization. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange, that each one understands the other, based on the respect of each other’s principles and values.